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 Certified Relationship Therapist,
Therapist Consultant & Mentor

By utilizing research-based methods and a compassionate approach, I guide my clients on a journey from feeling alone and disconnected to emotionally safe and secure.     

My Approach

Attachment Based Interventions for Individuals and Couples

I am a humanistic therapist, working from an attachment based, person centered perspective. As a humanist I believe in combining a non-judgmental and supportive environment with intellectual curiosity to work with you as a whole person, thoughts and feelings.  In our relationship, I believe we are partners working together to determine root causes and patterns to find the best way forward. I am not the expert on you nor do I strive to be. I look forward to talking with you – not at you. I strive to understand you – not judge you. 

Utilizing an attachment framework, means I look at your current struggles in context of how your grew up.  The fundamental premise of Attachment Theory is that we learn how to be a partner, parent, or friend from our early-life relationships with our own parents or other primary caregivers.  Together we were learn how your worldview has been shaped by these fundamental early relationships. 

I am personally inspired by the works of psychologists Carl Jung, Carl Rogers, and Sue Johnson.  I am also strongly inspired by the works of mystic poet, Rumi.  



Connect with Me

If you would like more information on my services or to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me, please fill out the form below to get started.  

605 Bel-Air Boulevard Suite 25

Mobile, AL 36606

Tel: 251-348-1478
Fax: 251-250-3831

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